About Me

DSC_5840-3My life has been a journey of self-discovery – many things have changed and shifted but one has remained the same – My love and passion for people and their well-being have directed me into becoming the person that I am today- the person that has been gifted this amazing healing abilities and now I can accommodate healing for others.

In my personal quest to continually improve and strive for peace and balance, I am always expanding in my understanding of family, parenting, spiritual growth, interpersonal relationships, nutrition and holistic health.

I have always been on the path of a holistic approach to life. I started my initial career as a Holistic Therapist in 2004 working with many modalities such as Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing, Fertility, NLP, Psychotherapy and Counselling, The Body code , The Emotion code, Quantum Healing …

Over the years of working with people I have witnessed big change and growth within myself. I grow to realise that I have been gifted ability to connect into subconscious mind of my clients and scan then . I would be able to detect any imbalances and blockages be it form this life time , inherited or from past life. I will than remove it and bring more light and love instead and that would bring enormous shift to the persons life.

As I continue working more and more my vibrations and healing abilities increase tremendously. Today my work is based on my own unique connection with the creator and I am nothing ales but facilitator/accommodator of its pure love.

I am able to hep many who suffer with depression, anxiety panic attacks, abusive relationships and many physical alignments, relationships and so much more. I basically witness miracles happening every day.

My ability to heal is based on high vibrations and the power on intention, however please remember that everyone is capable of doing what I do. All you need to do is ask universe for MORE….

With Love Wioletta Giegiel