The Gentle Art Of Blessing

    “The gentle art of blessing” Many years ago, I began to practice the ‘gentle art of blessing and forgiveness’.  I chose to be more aware and in control of where my energy is going.  I also decided to direct and train it in a positive direction and watch my harvest down the line. I began to bless people in Continue reading »

I’m having a love affair

     “I’m having a love affair” For those who know me, they know I have always been incredibly social media shy, very private, discreet and big on boundaries.  If this blog or any others are out, it means those days are long gone! I feel it is time to be bold and candid.  So I have chosen Continue reading »

To talk or not to talk

” To talk or not to talk”   It’s a scientific fact that we are all energy and the only thing that differentiates us is our vibrational frequencies (high or low energy).  It’s therefore down to us to choose which vibration we want to exist in. Since others are reflections of us and we are Continue reading »