The Gentle Art Of Blessing

DSC_5840-3    “The gentle art of blessing”

Many years ago, I began to practice the ‘gentle art of blessing and forgiveness’.  I chose to be more aware and in control of where my energy is going.  I also decided to direct and train it in a positive direction and watch my harvest down the line.

I began to bless people in my mind every day.  I started with myself when I awoke.  I blessed people on the street, at the shops/stations, people I lived and worked with.  The most exciting thing was to bless those who challenged me in some way.  I felt I had to be more focused with them and those were the ones who needed my blessing the most. It wasn’t always easy but it definitely was my primary focus.  Every time I faced a challenging personality or situation, I was no longer driven into the drama but gently witnessed the situation with more control and was aware of my choices.   I have always chosen to bless.  Over the years it now feels effortless and I am at ease.  It is something I had to train myself with first, for it to become my habit, my first nature, my Bible, my own language.

Imagine for a moment that every one of you has grown up seeing your mum, dad, grandparents, blessing a neighbour, a sister, a teacher, a crazy driver – everyone. Imagine your parents tackling difficult situations from the gentle art of blessing. Would it give you different tools in your adulthood?

We all have a lot more choices of how we want to go about our day.  Do we choose to bless it in the morning and see it going smoothly or do we choose to curse it and be a victim?  We are a lot more in control of our lives than we realise.  And if you can’t quite see or feel it yet, you can just start with baby steps and every day or twice a day direct your thoughts to a blessing and the state of gratitude and just watch what happens.  See a miracle unfolding right in front of your eyes!  If you struggle even with that step, just hold an intention of willingness to do it soon.  Also see why it is so difficult to do it, what’s stopping or sabotaging you from taking that path.  I can tell you one thing – once you lay your feet on the pathway of blessing, forgiveness and gratitude, you would never like to see yourself on any other path.  Your life will run smoother, gentler and more effortlessly in many ways.  I presented myself with choices and there was always a choice of blessing.

If there are things in your life that you feel you cannot control, know that there are other things that you can – such as your thought pattern and blessing routine.  All you need to start doing it is blessing yourself.  Since you are with yourself 24 hours a day, there is plenty of opportunities to practice the gentle art of blessing.  I assure you your life will start to change for the better  and you will become more aware of which direction you don’t want to take in your life.  Your decision making will be easy and clear.  People will be drawn to you as they will sense the presence of pureness within you.  We all have it.  It has been given to us by a Source we have just forgotten and this is a perfect tool to reignite it.

With Love Wioletta Gieigel



2 Responses to “The Gentle Art Of Blessing”

  • Fantastic!
    I have begun to practice blessing. No longer do I curse or mumble under my breath or out loud for that matter, I am a work in progress and very much like my new turned leaf. I shall continue to bless. I will be creating more positive energy for myself and those around me, a calmer, kinder and happier positive me to reflect on others.
    I have learnt so many wonderful ways from Wioletta, she is a very wise and gifted spirit.
    Thank you…always x

  • I like to go back to read this blog from time to time. I treat it as reminder. I know in our busy life it is very easy to forget about simple things and carry on with our routine habits.
    It is good to know that in every minute we can do a lot to ourselves in just one word 😉
    Thank You Wiola for your kind words!!!
    Waiting for some more to read.
    God bless You!!!!


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