The Heart Wall

heart-wall-pageThe discovery of a ‘Heart Wall’ in the Emotion Code Therapy by Dr. Bradley Nelson (the founder of The Emotion Code) was one of his biggest achievements.

He realised that trapped emotions very often cluster around the heart creating an emotional ‘Heart Wall’.  This wall, made up of trapped emotions such as fear, sorrow, anxiety or others, keeps us sheltered from feeling more pain.

A Heart Wall is a barrier that stops us from fully giving and receiving love.  It can make us feel disconnected from others, unwilling to make changes or forgive the past.

Fortunately the Heart Wall can be removed one emotion at a time using The Emotion Code or The Body Code, so that we can move forward and create abundance in all areas of our lives.

For all those single people who struggle to be or maintain healthy relationships – watch out!!!  As removing a Heart Wall is apparently famous for bringing soulmates into one’s life.