Comments and Testimonials

Here are just a few comments and testimonials from people who have booked healing sessions with me.


“I met Wioletta at the very bottom on my life and will not be far from truth if I say that she literally saved my life.  Over the course of 3 months we were able to clear my depression, anxiety, symptoms of fibromyalgia and a variety of aches and pains I have been having for years!  All those emotions were caused by bulimia which I battled for 8 years as well as the death of my father.  On top of that I no longer feel panic when my kids are sick and I react completely differently to stress.  With some of the things we cleared I could see immediate results and some took few days/weeks to show up.


I know one thing for sure, thanks to this therapy I have fallen in love with ME again and I cannot wait to see what life brings me.”


– A.


“When I met Wiola I was a lost person without direction and a lot of baggage to carry.


I wanted to be happy again and feel there was a reason for me to live, especially as I have a 4 year old daughter.


After just a couple of sessions I felt different in my body (a skin condition that I had for about 4 years has completely gone now), my level of energy and my mood.


I feel stronger, happier and most importantly I feel that feeling of “I want to…”!!!  I want to get up from my bed, I want to play with my child, I want to cherish every moment that I am blessed with. Even if sometimes things are not going the way I would like them to go I can get on with them much more easily than before.  Negative emotions do not take control of me and I think this is a huge  success for myself and Wiola as well 🙂


I would like to thank Wiola for her time, work, passion and big heart that she puts into every moment she is with you. God bless you!”


– Beata, Epsom


“I am grateful that I found Wioletta.  She is a genuine, caring, and gentle healer full of love and patience.  You can tell it is her calling to help people feel better.  I am sceptical and analytical so I was not an easy client.  I had a lot of doubt at the beginning but am glad I stuck to it.  I was in a deep depression when we started but am now “out of the dark, downward spiral” thanks to Wioletta’s support.  She kept on supporting me when I felt hopeless, and cleared enough baggage so I could resurface.  I am now on an improving path where I see life in colour instead of black and white and although I still have work to do, I feel enthused rather than daunted.  Get the help you need to make life amazing.  As a very wise person told me “you deserve it!”


– W.


“I sought Wioletta’s help for my daughter.  Julia is 6 years old now and had been chronically constipated since she was 2 years old.  As you can imagine we tried everything.  This therapy was my last hope to help her and such an eye opener.  We are now into our 7 months with normal everyday visits in the toilet.  Julia had an allergic reaction to toilets caused by an insensitive doctor’s check-up during her urine infection at the age of 1.5 years old.”


– A, UK


“I am so grateful to have met Wioletta during the most needed time in my life, as she proved to be a vital part of my soul’s healing journey.Her kindness, attentiveness and acute understanding of her light work allowed me to clear energetic trauma that had been trapped in my body for years.  Since then I have started my own company, mended my once fragile relationship with my father and started to live my life.


“Eternally grateful.”


– Alison, UK


I’m grateful to have experienced sessions of The Emotion Code with Wioletta.  Identifying my blocked emotions healed me both emotionally and physically in the most rapid and surprising ways.


I have also worked in the past with NLP, EFT, re-birthing and many other techniques and modalities but none of them brought such amazing and permanent results.


Wioletta is an amazing and dedicated practitioner who has shown time and again that she is highly intuitive and able to connect completely with her clients.


She facilitates deep and permanent healing that I have rarely experienced from other modalities and in much less time.  I highly recommend Wioletta’s treatments for anyone struggling with painful repetitive emotional problems and for children who suddenly change their temperament and seem out of sorts for long periods.


Thank you Wioletta for all you have helped us with.”

– Rose M.


I have so much to thank Wioletta for. My circumstances had put me into a corner – a corner I was feeling I may never get out of – and I was looking for ways to help myself.  I felt my spirit dampening and despair settling in.  You would not have known this to look at me.  I managed to get to work, exercise, take care of my kids and smile.  I appeared to have all the answers and a winning attitude but inside I was scared that I’d never find my way and that fear was overshadowing just about everything. Wioletta coached and counselled me through the process of letting go of emotions, beliefs and stored misconceptions of self.  Deeply rooted negative notions were gently pulled away. It felt with each session I was coming up to the surface and was finally able to feel peace, love and freedom.  I haven’t felt like that in years.


– Forever grateful, S.


“Wioletta’s healings and therapy can be felt immediately : I had a strange pain on my right foot and after a couple of sessions, it was gone!


“Wioletta’s contribution to my health and wellbeing inspired me to share this with my family and her ability to work remotely on me and my loved ones enabled us to heal on a whole different level. I gifted my mother with a session and her knee pain immediately healed. A real blessing.


“I am very lucky to have access to Wioletta’s healing talents. She helped my son deal with endless nights of screaming and bad sleep which kept me awake and worried. After a couple of months of him receiving remote healing from Wioletta, I can hardly recognise him and his sleeping habits. I can finally see my baby sleeping more comfortably and am so grateful.


“Wioletta helps me grow and heal in this lifetime but she is also able to clear and heal lifetimes of pain and sorrow. Her unique healing is applicable to mundane problems which are often a result of something more deeper from a previous life experience or dimension. When she clears things which do not serve me any longer , she is clearing beyond what I can see with my own eyes and experience. It’s just so wonderful to know she is helping me heal as a spirit and not just a body.


“Wioletta’s sessions basically removed deep emotional abuse from my marriage. We are still working together on clearing all that we can but I can confidently say that her healing has saved my relationship and allowed me to understand deep rooted patterns I put myself in.


“Wioletta is an extraordinary person.  I am so glad that I took a leap of faith and made contact with her following a recommendation from a friend.  She is compassionate, intuitive and just a hugely positive force. Working with Wioletta has allowed me to move forward and, thanks to her, the future looks clearer and brighter!”


– P.


The first time I heard about Wiola’s work, I was very skeptical. But after my first chat with Wiola I decided to open my mind and just give it a go. Wiola oozes warmth, compassion, and empathy, and you can really feel her urge wanting to help. Where several attempts to get rid of an unhealthy, repeating behavioural pattern had failed, Wiola was able to break a vicious circle I had been trapped in for years. Our sessions have kicked off a major transformation process, and there have been some instantly visible effects and amazing quick fixes, too. Wiola’s personality alone work wonders, and so does her method.


– Berlin.


Where to start!   I first contacted Wioletta during the winter of 2015 because I had reached such a low point that I really could not see my future, any future and although I have never had a desire to end my life, it did kind of feel like I had given up and did not wish to carry on.  Having suffered from depression on and off most of my life, I was familiar with feeling ‘down’ but this was different and it scared me.   So we had our first session and many things were identified and cleared, all of which made total sense. It was no surprise to learn that my heart was broken in piece, nor that i had a recent ‘ will to die energy ‘.. and so on..


Now onto the positive after effects.  So the next day following my session with Wioletta, I was driving home from a school run and I literally could not remember the way home (given that i have driven this route for 10 years it was kind of unnerving).   I realised that there was nothing in my head as if i had had a lobotomy, my thinking brain seemed to be switched off.  I wrote to W asking if this was normal.  She was not concerned. The next day I realised the reason my head felt so empty was because all the negative chatter, and self castigating dialogue that I had become so used to was no longer there. That is why my head was clear of a million thoughts.  I realised how much of my inner thoughts had been negative ones and now there was nothing but emptiness.  The next day it was terrible wintery day which is usually guaranteed to depress me, but instead (again on a school run), I had the overwhelming sense of peace and contentment driving down my lane.  I found myself smiling to myself for absolutely no reason.. and then realised that although for most people this is probably quite a normal feeling in moments of happiness.. it had been SO many years since I had felt this feeling that it took me by surprise.   Many other shifts in my outlook have happened … some really subtle but so different.


Following this session I asked W to start work on both my children because I was concerned about their general moods.


I felt my younger child was truly depressed, and that the child was showing signs of anger for no apparent reason.  Of course they were not aware of the sessions but I did tell my older child that I had gifted her a ‘spiritual MOT’ for lack of a better way to explain.  Both children are totally transformed, in particular my younger child who is naturally a very happy soul but past few years have been painful for all of us and the way he had ‘shut down’ was obvious to me – blank stares with so little emotion.. so the result have been dramatically positive and we checked him recently and he’s just solid and fine.  In fact only a week ago I met up with many old friends and their children and so many remarked on how well my son looked.  My other teenager child is a little more complex, and so the work continues for her but I see great shifts as the sessions happen.


Regarding how I feel now.. I cannot tell you how well I feel inside.  I have finally got my sense of humour back, my creativity, my mojo, my general sense of well being.  I was not sleeping well and often waking in the middle of the night with anxiety and my adrenals must have been all over the place having lived in fight or flight mode for so long.   Even today tuning in as I write, i no longer have this ball of anxious energy bubbling away in my tummy.   so thanks to W’s amazing patience, and feedback and guidance how to release such feelings and self heal have also been useful tools on my journey.  I am continually learning more and more and watching what i say and wish for. Clean up your language.  I have learned that if one were to talk about some dream but add  ’that will never happen!’ well of course it won’t.  So i am constantly watching how i frame things to make sure things go well. Instead of dreading the first moments of waking, i wake up and say. . i am going to have the best day possible!  And guess what it happens.  When one is depressed well meaning guru friends tell you to have more gratitude, say positive affirmations and so on but when one is really down its hard to climb out of that hole so as much as this is obvious to anyone.. it has taken all this healing to get me to that point of being so incredibly grateful and that switch seems to continue to create more and more positive ripples.


I have lost count of the amount of people I have now referred to Wioletta.


I cannot go into what was done for them but I know from observing their lives change that whatever Wioletta is doing is working.   Of course I think some people think that one session is going to heal everything, but I know from having worked with healers in past (none as good as Wioletta I might add) that often its like peeling back layers of an onion so you might have a great initial healing like i did, then other deeper issues reveal themselves.  Its up to me to contact her as and when I need to .. and more or less i am fine. However, sometimes normal life throws at us something that becomes stressful or worrying or one simply feels off blanca and ungrounded.  All to say,  I would rather pay Wioletta to continue working on me from time to time vs a mainstream therapist, but not to say therapy doesn’t have its place.


May 2016 was probably the best month of my life for several years.   I was worried that feeling of exuberance might wear off but it hasn’t… I am high on life but also so ‘in my body’ more than ever.. In fact I realise i have been in a zombie mode a good part of my life..  It is like I have woken up finally and no longer drift off into dream land as much as I used to.   Every day magical things seem to happen or come to me, to the point I kept saying to my children.. “i am so excited, i have had the BEST day ever! guess what happened today…  What a change for them because for a long time i was in a space of loss and grief.


With that, all the obstacles and  blocks that seemed stuck in thick mud, are now all working in my favour.   From big to small.   Its just amazing – really.   I cannot thank Wioletta enough.


Now it is summer perhaps some of my good friends have not seen me since end of last year.. and all have been happy to see my natural energy back before life got tough and continually remark on how well i seem… and I simply say.. yes! you are right –  am so happy.   At last I am back to being me again.. excited about life, my sense of humour and creativity is back.    I long for longer days so i can achieve greater things.  I wake and am excited.    A year ago I would have gone to bed for the day hoping it would be shortened by sleeping it away.. struggling to pick up phone because i was just too sad.   So a big big turn around for me.


Finally I have had some medical problems … a low grade infection for over 10 years.. this too has cleared up.  Just amazing.  It wasn’t just that Wioletta helped clear it up, it was more like I also found the right specialist after having hunting for an answer for a decade.   So it seems that finally i am attracting the right people in my life. Supporting me in my health, family and ambitions.


Wioletta has also worked on other close family members of mine and again i can’t go into it but I am seeing amazing shifts happening.


I think having Wioletta help me has had the most profound effect on my life and my friends and family and cannot recommend her enough and will be eternally grateful.   Wow wow wow!!!!


For me it is an on going process, for others I guess it might be only one session that is needed.   Wioletta is best described as a gentle fairy godmother come to the rescue in disguise.


Thank you dear Wioletta for all that you do for me, my friends and family.


Eternally grateful for changing my life and attitude.


– UK


How to even put into words, what I have experienced with this magical lady.


I called on Wioletta when I encountered an almost unbelievable situation with 2 yogis, who came from nowhere & what I can only describe as a kind of assault of good and not so good physic insights & premonitions that I can honestly say were other worldly. They both amazed me and totally frightened me and I needed urgent help to understand what had happened. My best friend had told me about Wioletta, and I called upon her to help me. This is only the start of the story.


She came to my rescue, with such a pure heart unlike these yogis. At first she helped me to understand what had happened and why, and stopped the negative energy in its tracks from affecting me any further. The yogis had also identified a bad spirit in my life and had asked for an extortionate amount to help me, but Wioletta helped me instead and did not exploit the situation, unlike these men.


Since then, she has helped me in her extraordinary ways. I had been going to therapy for the last 2 years, trying to understand why I had such a challenging relationship with my daughter but also in my relationship. I understood it was deep seated stuff I had since I was a child but always felt at odds with the slow process of just talking and making such slow progress towards healing and change. After one session with Wioletta, she identified disfunctions I had in my heart, my body & mind and also any negative energies that were attached to me since probably my birth. She waved her magic wand, or whatever it is she does and literally mended an old broken heart, uplifted my spirit, got rid of any negativity and cleaned my energy, it was literally like someone getting rid of all your baggage. As well as waving the unhappy spirit in my life goodbye.


I have experienced many changes after each of her sessions, including feeling very peaceful and positive, and the immediate change in my relationship with my daughter. Where before I was constantly mad at her, I felt more loving, forgiving and patient to deal with her and obviously her response to that was positive and has helped turn our relationship around. The same for my husband.


I was also at a crossroads in my career, I left my job after 10 years and wanted  a different life. It’s been some time since I’ve stopped and was very confused and unsure about which direction to take. Again Wioletta lifted any blocks I had on moving forward and since then, I have now started working on a new startup business, got initial investment and found collaborators all in the space of 6 weeks.


I can only understand that by lifting all the negativity energy and healing my spiritual energy centers that she has brought me closer to God. For me it is now undeniable, that the wellbeing of our spirit, is a very huge if not the whole reason for one’s own happiness and Wioletta is a true spiritual healer. It does also take real belief and trust to feel the benefits of her work, especially as it’s all done remotely.


I hope this account helps you decide to get help. I think the whole world could to with this kind of help and those of us who are fortunate to experience this, are very blessed indeed.


– M, UK.


For many years, I would wake up to face a day full of emotional challenges. I was emotionally unstable, to the point that I felt I was close to insanity. I had constant mind chatter, I could never make a decision, I could hear a million voices in my head but never my own. I was never sure of anything and was easily swayed and influenced. Wioletta with her hard work has taken me from a chaotic world I lived in to the calm life I live today. I no longer hear the constant chatter, I can make my own decisions, I am more self-confident, I no longer make irrational decisions and I no longer have extreme mood swings. I do not know what I would have done if I hadn’t met Wiolletta. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart!


– UK.


I started working with Wioletta in the Emotional Code and Body Code therapies, but she has intuitively noticed that the case was very complex, and having her assistance has been a gift from God!


Wioletta’s work has evolved tremendously during the time we’ve been working together and now I can say it’s one of the biggest blessings I’ve had in my life, she is able to deal with very complex cases that most healers are unable to approach, including very negative energies and entities.


For that, I thank you Wioletta so much for the dedication and respect that you always showed to me, for the amazing results you are being able to accomplish and for the changes that are starting to appear in my life. And I can only wish that God bless you and your work every day of your life!


Thank you!!


– UK.