Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

What is the return police:

Once you have booked your session but not had it done you can still cancel it . After you had your session than the session is non refundable.

How many sessions will I need?

I can’t possibly answer that question as it all depends on the individual.  However, there is always a shift and an improvement with just one session.

It also depends on how long have you had a problem and how deeply rooted it is, or sometimes other issues may come up that seem to be more important to deal with.

Please just remember that every session makes a difference.

What are my options of sessions?

  • Remote session (This is by far the strongest and most effective way of healing. We will consult over email, telephone or skype at the time of booking and I will report the results back to you when I’ve completed the healing session)
  • Via Skype

Do I have to talk about my problems and past?

No, if you don’t want to.  You can just share what you feel comfortable with.

What can I experience after the sessions?

This is a very valuable question.  You can feel lighter and relieved after the session, a lot more calmer and balanced.  Some people can also experience echoes of released emotions after the sessions and it is called ‘a healing crisis’.

This can manifest itself in feeling emotional and/or tired.  Subsequent to this, you will feel immune to stress, anxiety and problems that were bothering you before.

Experiencing a healing crisis is a very good indication that you are releasing emotions and finding a new balance.

Are ‘in person’ sessions more effective?

In my experience, I feel I work more effectively with distance sessions.  During this time I am on my own and uninterrupted, I just feel guided and tuned in.

How are emotions trapped?

Emotion is simply an energy just like everything else and it vibrates in its own motion.

Sometimes we cannot process emotions during certain experiences in our lives and those emotions get stuck with us.  Subsequently, your body may vibrate at that level of your stuck emotion.  In addition to this, some trapped emotions can be inherited from your ancestors of many generations ago.

Those trapped emotions together with other energies can be an underlying case for all kinds of diseases.